30 August 2017

Staying Sane When Moving

Packing up your family and moving to a new home, whether you’re moving a few blocks away, to a completely different part of the country, or even overseas can be stressful to stay the least. There’s so much to organize and oversee; there’s a good chance the kids will throw a tantrum, and you’re likely to be apprehensive about the move. It can be pretty taxing, that’s for sure!

The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to minimize stress and keep your sanity when you move….

Prepare the Kids Early

As soon as you know you’re going to be moving, you should tell the kids. Explaining the move to them in an age appropriate way will help them to come to terms with the move well ahead of time. Allowing them to get more involved in the process, perhaps by choosing their new room or at least a color scheme for it, and making time for them to say goodbye to friends and family (if you’re moving out of state) will also help.

Make a List

Before you pack anything, you should make a list of everything that is going into a box and then tape that list to the box. That way, should you need something you’ve packed away, you’ll be able to find it quickly, and even more importantly, you’ll be able to unpack in a faster, more logical way when you get to your new home

Put Things in Storage

Packing or a move is the perfect time to lighten your load. If you’re like most people, you will have more clothes, furniture, and general clutter than you really need. Instead of packing up all that stuff you don’t use and paying to have it hauled to your new home, check out Storage Units Near Me and hire yourself a storage unit for the excess. This will cut down on the amount of work you need to do, and when you’re ready to part with your clutter, its absence will make it easier for you to do so.

Buy More Supplies than You Think You’ll Need

If you don’t want to be left scrambling for boxes, come moving day when you need to pack up those final bits and pieces you’ve been using to tide you over, make sure that you buy more packing supplies than you think you need. Ideally, you should have around ten extra boxes to accommodate those last few bits and pieces, like bedding and dishes. You always have more stuff than you think.

Keep Like Things Together

Packing all of your vases,books, lamps or extension cords,for example, together will not only make it easier for you when it comes to unpacking,but it will also make it easier for the Removal Guys, who will be able to confidently load up the truck in such a way as to treat all of your items correctly without worry of damage. That’ll take some of your stress away too.

Keep Important Documents on You

When it comes to important documents, you shouldn’t pack them into the truck, where there is more chance they will get lost. Keep them on you when you move, and you won’t be left with a headache further down the line.

If you’re organized, and you start preparing well in advance, it’s easy to stay sane and even enjoy your move!

Disclosure:  This is a contributed post.

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