09 November 2017

BÉABA: Making Healthy Baby Food Easy!

All parents want what’s best for their kids. You want your baby to grow up happy and healthy. One key ingredient to the well-being of your baby is what you feed him or her. When you introduce baby to diverse ingredients, you’re on your way to raising a child who won’t grow up to be a picky eater. You want your baby’s meals to be preservative-free, tasty and nutritious. The Babycook® prepares delicious, fully cooked meals for your baby or toddler in just 15 minutes or less. These baby cookers have a number of great benefits.

Homemade Baby Food Is Great For Baby

Making homemade baby food doesn’t have to be a long, grueling ordeal. With the Babycook®, simply prepare the same ingredients you do for yourself, chicken, turkey, ham, lamb, fresh vegetables and fruits. You can cook meat and vegetables together or separate. Place the chopped-up items in the steaming bowl. The food is steam cooked, which helps to retain nutrients.

You have the option of making a large batch of baby food in the Babycook® and freezing the extra. The meal can be defrosted or reheated in the cooker just by using steam. Once the food is cooked, you can puree the meal to the desired consistency. For younger babies, you want a smooth puree, but with older children, you can shred the ingredients or leave as a finger food.

Many of the recipes offered on the BÉABA website are not only great for baby, but for the whole family. Cook up some homemade applesauce. Everyone will enjoy it on oatmeal for breakfast. Steam a chicken breast for your meal. The Babycook® transitions to an appliance for the whole family as your baby grows up.

Find Great Baby Products

BÉABA offers the best baby gear for moms and dads who have a busy lifestyle. From baby cookers to sunglasses for toddlers, you’ll find what you need to raise a healthy and happy baby.  Shop at BÉABA for baby cookers, bottle drying racks and food storage containers. 

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