05 April 2018

Pet Friendly Home

Your household might be toxic or hazardous to your pet without you even knowing. You're probably aware that chocolate is bad for dogs and cats shouldn't chew poinsettia leaves, but do you have the full list of household items that can endanger your pets? Being a pet owner is a big job, and you love these animals like family. You need to baby-proof a house when you have an infant, and you should pet-proof your house when you've got pets. Whether you've just adopted one or have had pets for years, ensure your home is safe for your animals.

Grapes and bleu cheese are dangerous for animal digestive systems. If you're tempted to let your dog snack off your plate, you've got to know which human foods aren't safe for your dog. Though it isn't as fun, giving your dog the right kind of dog food, or making your own dog food at home, is the safest way to ensure your dog gets the right nutrition. The same is true for cats, though most cats turn their noses up at grapes and chocolate.

An air quality test of your home could reveal all sorts of particulates that you don't want to be breathing in. Dirty air isn't healthy for your pets, either, and can cause respiratory issues or colds that cost you in vet bills and worry. Check your air filter, vacuum often, and be sure to give your furry friend a good brushing every so often. Learn more about having a home safe for pets in the Healthier Pet-Friendly Home infographic.

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