19 July 2018

Keeping Your Family's Finances In Check

Now, absolutely everyone should focus on their finances and ensure that they are always living within their means - this is a basic requirement for living a debt free life. But when you have a family to support, this responsibility takes on even more importance. After all, your little ones’ quality of life depends massively on your ability to manage your money and make ends meet without sinking into the red. This is why you need to keep your family’s finances in check at all times. Now, there are various different ways to do this, but for now, let’s focus on two simple financial acts that you can take into consideration!

Refinancing Your Vehicle

Sometimes you take out financial agreements that you find yourself regretting at a later date. For many of us, this agreement has something to do with our vehicle. If you find that you’re paying more interest than you think is agreeable on your car finance or auto loan, not to worry. You may be tied into your contract, but there are ways to rectify this situation. Consider a refinance car loan. This will give you the means to pay off your previous finance agreement or loan and start afresh with more favourable interest rates. This will allow you to keep your vehicle while paying out less money in exchange for it in the long run.


Budgeting is a basic process that ensure you always live within your means. First things first, you need to work out how much money you have to work with on a monthly basis. Now, many of us make the mistake of taking our salary and dividing it by twelve to give us our monthly income. But it’s important to bear in mind that the amount that we see written down as our “salary” isn’t necessarily the amount that we have to spend. In order to be fully aware of the amount you take home from your work, you need to work out your total income after tax. Work hand in hand with an accountant in order to be entirely sure of this. Once you know how much you have to work with, you need to cover the essentials. These are the things you couldn’t live without: shelter, food, water, and energy. A means of transport in order to get to and from work can also fall into this bracket. Once you’ve forked out for the essentials, you are left over with your disposable income! This is the amount that you have to play with and what you can use for entertainment, toys, days out, and other experiences. Just make sure to never exceed this amount when you are spending, and you should always remain debt free, it’s as simple as that!

These are just two different financial processes that you can easily engage with. They’ll save you a whole lot of money and help you to remain in the black rather than sinking into debt!

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