Long gone are the days where Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem were the only options when it came to meal delivery service. What once seemed to be a service only for those looking for help with weight management is now a service marketed to everyone that has greatly expanded over the last five years. Now in addition to those that are weight conscious, these delivery options help busy individuals with little time to cook and shop, including busy moms. The following are four ways to identify the perfect meal delivery service for you and your family.

Quality of Ingredients

When looking at different home delivery meal prep options it is important to check the quality of ingredients. Think about what you value as far as ingredients go and seek out a meal service that is going to meet or exceed your standards. Some questions you might have could involve the following:

Is their meat antibiotic and hormone free? Are their fruits and vegetables organic? Where are these ingredients being sourced from?

Balance of Nutrients

When selecting which meal delivery service is right for you, the balance of nutrients in each meal is another key aspect. Is there a good balance of macronutrients as far as proteins and low glycemic carbohydrates are concerned? How about vegetable density? You should be looking for a meal service that offers ideally 40% vegetables per serving. One example of vegetable density is found in Paleo meals. Don't forget to look at sodium and sugar content when it comes to selecting a meal delivery service. A healthy meal service should also be low in sodium and sugar.

Overall Flavor

It's a no brainer that flavor should be at the top of your list. After all, you're preparing to pay money for a meal delivery service, so you naturally should expect the meals to be palatable. One way to research the flavor of each meal service is by looking into customer reviews. Are they favorable or unfavorable when it comes to flavor?

Clean Ingredient Labeling

Clean ingredient labeling refers to the idea that you can read and understand the list of ingredients that you are preparing to consume. This includes the ability to pronounce the ingredients! A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to read, pronounce, and know what is on the ingredient list. If you can't understand or pronounce the ingredients, it's not clean labeling and it may be time to look at another meal service option.

I hope you found these tips to be useful when it comes to selecting the right meal delivery service for yourself and your family. Most importantly, don't be afraid to research and ask questions!