Wedding photos are an important part of a couple's big day. The photos captured are treasured for years to come and for that reason they warrant careful planning and consideration when choosing a photographer, setting, poses, and timing. Since wedding photos usually have their own time blocked out due to the nature of needing to get just the right photos at the right times, you may be left wondering how to entertain your guests while the photos are taking place. The following are some ideas that still provide fun and entertainment during your dedicated photography time.

Provide Food and Music

Who doesn't love food? Wedding photos can be a great time to let your guests mingle while enjoying some drinks and/or appetizers. Some ways to do this effectively could be with a cocktail hour, by having a food truck on location, or with an appetizing buffet.

Music is another way for guests to enjoy the break during your photography time. Have a live band ready to go, or maybe have a area for dancing and a DJ that will get your guests moving and engaged. No one will even notice the time you've set aside for photos when you have food and music to keep them entertained!

Get Your Guests Involved

Another fun idea to get your guests involved while photos are being taken is to have them contribute to a time capsule for the bride and groom. Have a space where guests can write a special note for the couple to be placed in a keepsake box or chest that the bride and groom can open on their first anniversary. Your guests will feel included in something special and it will leave you just enough time to finish capturing those special moments with your photographer.

These are just a few fun ways to keep your wedding guests entertained while taking your wedding pictures. Think outside the box, get creative, and most importantly don't stress! It's your big day and your guests will have a great time just being a part of this special moment.