16 October 2018

How to Make Your Emails Go Straight to People’s Inbox

You have been trying to send some emails to people but it seems that your emails keep on going to SPAM. Why does this keep on happening? Do you know that less than 80% of emails go straight to the inbox? A certain percentage goes to SPAM so even if you want to send the right email, your recipient might not even get that email from you.

Reasons for Emails to Go Straight to SPAM

There are just some of the reasons why your recipients end up not receiving any email from you at all:

  • There is no permission from the person to receive your email. It will be different if the person has subscribed to your email. You can learn more about how a person can become interested in your signing up for your newsletter when you check EMMA
  • The IP address that you are using was used in order to send SPAM email in the past. What if your IP address was used by someone else? The world of the internet remembers this. All of the emails that will come from you will be labeled as SPAM even if you were not the one who sent the SPAM email.
  • Another possible reason why your email has gone straight to SPAM is people never bothered to check your email. A lot of unopened emails will have this effect on the other emails that you will send. If people are not interested, why does your email have to waste space in their inbox? You can always improve your email content in order to increase your email open rates.
  • There are some people who have subscribed to get emails from you but because they do not remember anymore, they may label your email as SPAM. It is important that you send emails frequently. Hopefully, the content will be very interesting to your readers so they will continue opening the emails you send.
  • The subject line is not related to the email that you are writing about. If this occurs, people may think that you are sending SPAM.

This time, you will know what things you should do and what things you should avoid. Are you ready to start sending emails that will go straight to people’s inbox this time?

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.

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