06 January 2019

Teach Kids Typing with Fun and Easy Software

One of the many skills often necessary for jobs of today is typing.  Teaching your child how to type at a young age is optimal, as this is when their hand eye coordination and muscle memory is at its peak.  While children may differ as to when they are ready to learn the skill of touch typing, often around the age of 7 this skill becomes an attainable task.  Through fun and engaging software that makes learning to type fun, your child can learn how to type by touch the correct way and can use this newfound skill moving forward in school and in their future career.

Selecting the Best Typing Software

When looking at the different options out there available to teach kids typing, you will want to focus on an approach that makes learning fun and easy.  KidsTyping.net progressively teaches each row of the keyboard in an engaging way to kids using rewards and challenges.  Their approach is tailored to work for both younger and older children with different timed tasks to accommodate different attention spans.  Speed and accuracy are gained as children move through the lessons.

Kids Typing Made Fun and Engaging

One way that KidsTyping.net makes touch typing both fun and engaging is through their Dance Mat app.  Through four different levels, your child will learn to type through a fun and interactive dancing game that will result in your child being able to type 30 wpm at the end of all lesson completion.  Dance Mat Typing Level 1 focuses on the home row keys.  Children will learn correct typing style and the natural stretch of their fingers as they move through this introductory lesson.  Touch typing is such an invaluable tool in today’s world.  Give your child an added skill for success by checking out KidsTyping.net today!

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