08 February 2019

5 Surprising Things You Learn As a Mother

There are lots of surprises when you become a mother- some of them good, some of them bad. Becoming a mother is a wonderful experience and the biggest gift any woman could receive, but it’s also the craziest learning curve. You may think you know exactly how it’ll go before that little miracle arrives, but they’ll surprise you every time.

Friends May Not Be Friends

One of the saddest and most disappointing surprises of becoming a mother is that you may lose touch with friends easily. They may have been a big part of your life for a long time, but if you haven’t got being a mother in common, it can create a huge divide. You may find that you don’t see your friends as often and they aren’t as interested in your life as a mother as they were in your life without kids. It’s a hard lesson to learn but not everyone will still be there as your little one enters the world.

Not All Advice Is Good

When you talk to health visitors, pediatricians or midwives, you expect to get sound advice. Every mother learns that that isn’t always the case. I’ve heard of midwives telling mothers to put mashed potato in their babies bottles at night so the babies will sleep through the night. Use your instinct and remember that no-one knows your baby as well as you do. Take advice with a pinch of salt and only listen to what makes sense for you and your child.

You’ll Find New Passions

Did you know that many women take dnp midwife courses after becoming mothers because of something that happened during their own journey? As a mother you’ll have a totally different life to the one you lead before and you may find you become passionate about things that weren’t even on your radar. Perhaps you’ll become a keen swimmer after baby swimming classes or become certified as a yoga instructor for mothers and babies. The world is a new place and it’s yours for the taking.

Your Wardrobe Sucks

No-one ever tells you that your stomach doesn’t immediately deflate after giving birth. You may even still look pregnant for a while after your baby is born. This presents a problem when it comes to your wardrobe. You no longer have to wear maternity clothes, but you’re bigger than your pre-pregnancy body. You may be determined to get back to your original weight, but for most new mothers that can take up to a year. The in between stage can be depressing.

There’s No Point in Buying Gifts

Your first year with your baby will consist of Christmas, Easter, a first birthday and many more. You’ll discover that buying presents is pointless. Not only will your baby grow out of toys and clothes quickly, but every family member and friend will be buying the same thing. You’ll probably put thought into a special gift, only for it to be rejected by your little bundle of joy.

Head into motherhood with an open mind and you won’t be easily surprised.

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