26 February 2019

Cleaning Your Home? Don’t Forget About These Four Commonly Overlooked Areas

As thorough as most homeowners try to be when it comes to cleaning, certain areas that aren’t easily visible or accessible get neglected all too often. By cleaning these spaces, you’ll be able to remove much more of the dust, dirt and germs that might make you sick. You shouldn’t forget to clean these four commonly overlooked areas.

The Tops of Cabinets, Furniture and Large Appliances

These areas are sometimes overlooked because they are high up and hard to reach. You can access these spaces more easily by using a duster with a long handle. A footstool can also make it easier for you to clean by allowing to scrub more thoroughly and see exactly how much filth needs to be eliminated.

Air Ducts

The air ducts that are part of your HVAC system can attract dust, pollen, mildew and other allergens. These allergens will be circulated throughout your home and diminish indoor air quality if your ducts aren't cleaned. One of the best ways to have these contaminants removed is by hiring professionals from a company that provides duct cleaning Tampa residents can depend on.

Behind Toilets

Even though you likely clean your toilets regularly, you might still be missing the spaces behind them. Most mops can’t reach the floor and wall behind toilets easily. You’ll likely need get down on your knees and clean with a brush or some sponges. Using knee pads will make the job a little more comfortable.

Light Switches

As small as most light switches are, they can still be hotbeds for filth and germs. Damp cloths or wet wipes can be used to disinfect light switches in seconds. To keep your switches the cleanest, it’s advisable to disinfect them at least once a week.

Remembering to address these commonly forgotten spaces around your home can keep you and your family healthier. Cleaning these areas doesn’t have to involve a lot of extra time and effort and can even be done by professionals if you want to hire someone to do the work.

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