14 March 2019

Children's Books That Teach Important Lessons

Children's books help to enhance reading skills and unlock the imagination.  They can also help to teach and reinforce everyday lessons in a positive and engaging format.  That's where author AC Brown shines!  She has created a wonderful line of books for kids that capture the attention of young minds with beautiful illustrations and lovable characters that teach important lessons.

One of AC Brown's marvelous books is called The Amazing Adventures of Anita Brownbag: The Tooth Unfairy.  In this story the main character Anita Brownbag learns what happens when you lose a tooth!  Another AC Brown book you should check out is Goodbye is OK which teaches kids that as they grow older and outgrow some of their things to discover new ones, that it's okay and part of the normal process of growing up.

Author AC Brown 

AC Brown's line of books came about as a result of trying to overcome the challenge of how to get her son interested in reading as well as address behavioral issues.  What resulted was children's books that promote reading as well as positive behaviors.  Not only did her son begin to love reading, he now reads to his own children and writes his own poetry!  You can find all of AC Brown's children's books on Amazon and on ACBrownBooks.com

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