28 March 2019

Find the Right Church for You

Being a part of a church and being able to enjoy your faith, is hugely beneficial to you and your well-being. Finding the right church for you and your family, though, is not always easy. You want a group that shares your values. You want an active membership. You want programs that meet the needs of your family. There is no easy formula for finding the right fit. It might take some time, but here are some tips for finding the perfect church for you.

Explore Their Digital Presence

Many churches across the globe are stuck in a rut. They do the same thing they’ve always done because it’s easier. There are thousands of churches that don’t have a website. Many don’t even have their church listed on Google’s business listings. In the twenty-first century, this is a travesty. Every church needs an online presence. The Way International understands this need and is a great example of a church that cares that their members have access to information and important tools.

In this digital age, technology is the way everyone researches and finds what they’re looking for. You want a new church to attend? You ask Siri or Google to find churches near you. Since technology is so important to the way people function today, it should be an important factor in churches you are evaluating. Look at their website and social media presence. Read about their values and doctrines. Find out what programs they offer. With diligent searching, you can find a church that fits you.

Expect an Inviting Experience

First impressions make all the difference. When you go to a restaurant for the first time, you make snap decisions. If the place is dirty or uninviting, you probably won’t even go inside. If you get inside and the staff is rude, you might walk out. If you eat dinner and it’s not very good, you likely won’t return. Every step of the experience is judged.

Churches need to understand this concept. From the time you see your potential new church from the street, you should be evaluating. Is their sign dated? Are the grounds dirty? Are the members unwelcoming? Is the singing lifeless? Is the preacher boring? All of these are important factors you should consider when evaluating a new church.

Don’t settle for a church that doesn’t care about what they’re doing, just because it’s only a few blocks from your house. Expect a great experience, and don’t settle for less.

Look for Connections

One mistake many people make when looking for a new church is picking the biggest, most exciting one around. Too often, though, individual members in large congregations fall through the cracks. It can be difficult to have your needs met when you’re just one of a thousand members. Look for a church that focuses on making connections. Whether it’s small group studies or support groups, find a church that cares about its members. Don’t allow yourself to get lost in the crowd.

If you’re looking for a new church, there’s a lot of things to consider. You want a church that has a mission, is God-focused and cares about you and your family. Try these tips and start on the path to finding the right church for you.

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