08 May 2019

Live Daily Meditation for Women - The Infinity Call

If you have been looking to start meditation for your personal wellness or are just looking for a change that fits your schedule and needs, The Infinity Call invites you to check out their exclusive women's live daily meditation

Founded by Kelly Morris, The Infinity Call gives women around the world a one of a kind experience where they can come together through a unique journey.  Kelly has 25 years of experience as a yoga and meditation teacher, and she created The Infinity Call to help women align, restore their energy, and strengthen the sisterhood.

A new, guided meditation goes up every 24 hours, accessible anywhere in the world. All you need to participate is a cell phone and WiFi and you can sit wherever and whenever is best suits what is always a busy schedule. 

There are so many subscribers that even is you get on at 3am, there is always another woman, someplace in the world, sitting at the exact same time as you. 

The Infinity Call is a meditation service exclusively created for women. 

Monday through Friday, Kelly posts a brand new meditation that you can sit with in your own home when it suits you.

No figuring out what to wear. No rushing and sweating to land late and sweaty at a public class. No uncomfortable cushions made for five year olds.

You decide when and wear.

Each meditation includes a lively post-chat where Kelly gives advice and insights about meditation to support you. 

As a special bonus, she speaks one-on-one with each new woman for an hour over the phone, at no extra charge. 

The great news is that The Infinity Call is free to try for your first week!  If you decide that you would like to continue, you can pay monthly or get a discount on a year membership.  

Further, Kelly wants everyone to have access. If you are feeling financially crunched, know that 15% of the women on the Infinity Call are on for free. If that’s your situation, shoot them an email: TheInfinityCall@gmail.com

Interesting Fact: Did you know that after the age of 40 a women's brain matter starts to shrink?  Now add routine meditation to a women over 40 and their brain matter actually grows!

I encourage you to give The Infinity Call live daily meditation a try.  Remember, the first week is free!  I think you will be surprised at the empowering journey that Kelly provides.  To learn more visit The Infinity Call website and on Facebook and Instagram.

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