15 May 2019

One Simple Diaper Caddy - Huge Convenience For Busy Parents

The thought of changing hundreds of diapers for your baby is seldom on the minds of new parents until baby arrives.  After all, new parents have well-planned, stocked nurseries prepared for all those diaper changes.  It doesn’t take long before busy parents realize that the nursery is not always convenient.  Living rooms, family dens, and even your car or camper will soon become the stage where baby needs a fast change.  This baby diaper caddy from ResonEight Home Products functions as a lightweight mobile changing station making baby care hassle free.  Everything is literally at your fingertips.  Nursery upstairs in your home or too far away?  Keep the diaper caddy downstairs and finish the job without lugging sweet baby anywhere.  Going on a trip?  Throw all your necessary baby items in this caddy and go.

This beautiful turquoise diaper bag designed for both boys and girls is made of sturdy double-thickness felt and includes a matching changing pad with a waterproof barrier which can be folded and tucked into a pocket.  It is customizable with adjustable inserts, multiple pockets and a unique zippered storage compartment.  Stitched canvas edging increases the stability to assure years of use.  When not in use, simply fold flat and store away.  Buy now on Amazon here.

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