27 June 2019

How To Hack Your Hormones & Be More Productive

Humans have highs and lows. Some days, you feel like you’re on top of the world and able to conquer everything thrown at you. Other times, you’re having trouble even just staying awake. Don’t worry, though. You’re not alone in this. Hormonal imbalances happen to people like you all the time. Fortunately, these hormonal roller coasters are not something you have to live with. By paying attention to the highs and lows in your hormones, you can start taking advantage of the cycle and unlock hidden productivity. 

Estrogen and Progesterone


For women, the up and down of your female hormones—estrogen and progesterone—can cause your energy levels to fluctuate like the stock market. Every month, your body is making adjustments to accommodate for the changes in estrogen and progesterone. Pay attention to these changes. When you are high in estrogen, you will feel more creative and social. Progesterone makes analyzing details and smaller tasks much easier. By recognizing these phases, you can plan meetings for, let’s say, your high-estrogen phase, and focus on intense projects when your progesterone is high. 



Now, for the men. Low testosterone is something that can impact your life for long stretches of time, and you might not notice it until finally someone asks what is wrong. Without testosterone, you will have trouble regulating your libido, muscle development, sleep, immunity, and even the health of your bones.

Sleep deprivation will kill your testosterone levels. Therefore, one of the best way to regulate testosterone is the normalize your sleep cycle. A normal sleep schedule will leave you feeling much more awake in the morning, since testosterone is naturally highest in the morning.

With optimized testosterone levels and better sleep, you can be more productive at work, life, and even in the gym. 



For many years, governments recommended eating high amounts of carbohydrates. But, they never told people what kind of carbohydrates they should be eating, and they never made the correlation with high sugar content and body fat until recently. When you eat too much sugar, you prompt the release of insulin. The more sugar you eat, the more insulin you produce—and that leads to insulin resistance, otherwise known as diabetes. You will also struggle to build muscle and lose body fat.

Here’s a hack to fix your insulin levels: Eat less sugar. Instead, focus on healthy fats, proteins, and then worry about your carbohydrate intake. Optimized insulin sensitivity will help you lose stubborn fat, help your metabolism, increase your energy, and even ward off serious medical issues.



Meet glucagon-like peptide 1, also known as GLP-1, the main man when it comes to metabolic syndrome. Most people don’t know this hormone, because it works behind the scenes. However, GLP-1 is found in the gut and helps with insulin regulation. Because of our modern lifestyles, GLP-1 doesn’t work properly for most individuals.

So, how do you hack it? First, you need to quit some particularly poisonous habits, such as eating ultra-processed simple carbohydrates like sugary cereal and white breads or rice; reducing chronic stress and cortisol; becoming more physically active; and adjusting your sleep schedule to get more quality rest.

Funny how many of these hacks are interwoven! Once you have adjusted your habits, your body will naturally adjust this hormone on its own.

The bottom line is this: Hacking your hormones to function optimally and give you more energy to be productive is more about health than anything else. If you want to be more awake, you need to eat the right foot and get enough sleep. If you want to lose weight, you need to eat nutritionally balanced meals, be physically active, and again, get quality sleep. Want to have a less stressful cycle? The same rules apply!

Hormones rule much of our lives, but if you learn how to balance them, you can take control and feel better doing it. 

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