07 June 2019

Supporting a Pregnant Friend

While it is very important to take care of your life at home (parenting, work, etc.), it's always wise to remember that you live in a community. This means you and your family don't live on an island. You have neighbors, extended family members and friends. In an effort to make sure your home base is okay, it can be easy to forget about others and how you can help them. One intentional act on a weekly basis can make a major difference. This is especially true for the expectant mother in your life. Consider the following ways you can help a friend who is expecting. 

1. Offer to drive her to one of her appointments that week. Most expecting mothers have a ton of appointments they have to endure throughout any given week. Whether they need to get a sonogram or get blood drawn, the experience can be pretty exhausting. Whether she needs a ride to see her midwife tampa or to pick up a few groceries at the local supermarket, offer to give her a ride. It's nice for someone else to do the driving. 

2. Babysit while she gets a break. If she has other little ones, it can be a juggling act to take care of the household. There will be times when she needs a break. Whether she wants to catch up on work, household chores or take a nap for a few hours, offer to take the kids out for ice cream and a movie one afternoon. The opportunity to recharge will be something she's forever grateful for. 

3. Prepare a large casserole. Families are always hungry. Feeding a family can feel like a full-time job. This is why it's great to prepare a large casserole that she can feed her family throughout the week. Double-check to make sure there aren't any food allergies you need to be mindful of. If you don't cook, it's okay to order a casserole or a few dishes from a local restaurant. While these gestures might seem or feel small on your part, know that they can make a major difference. If they feel like a sacrifice, that's a good thing too. When you go out of your way to serve others, it's also a reminder that it's not just about you and your needs. Serve others in ways that can really speak to their souls and encourage their hearts. 

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