11 July 2019

Summer Activities You Can Enjoy with Limited Mobility

Summer is the season many people look forward to without hesitation. Sure, spring signals the end of the cold and wet days of winter, but summer offers a bright outlook at the fun times that are ahead. Things like sipping lemonade, eating ice cream on those warm, sunny days or taking dips in swimming pools, lakes or even the ocean - if you’re lucky enough to live near one or plan on visiting one.

But for families with limited mobility, summer is not always fun and games. Even if you’re able to overcome the loss of mobility using wheelchair accessible vans and various assistive devices, it may still be difficult to gain full access to the summertime fun things you enjoy the most. It may be due to the onset of a disease, stroke, injury, or other debilitating trauma; loss of mobility often limits your level of participation. But there are plenty of summer activities that both you and your loved ones can enjoy.

Help Kids Stay Active!

For moms with children that have limited mobility or special needs, get them outdoors, and keep them active! After all, school's out, and it's time to enjoy the lazy days of summer doing things they enjoy. First and foremost, keep them active. Most outdoor activities can be adapted for limited mobility, whether it’s the height of a basketball net or using adaptive equipment to play sports like baseball, basketball, volleyball, and other sports.

It doesn’t even have to be sports related. Just being outdoors at a picnic, pool, or other outdoor attractions can provide hours of fun. Miniature golf is an activity that children (and adults!) enjoy playing, and some courses accommodate children with special needs. And with access to conversion vans for transportation, you can go just about anywhere the fun takes you. Staying active is the key to helping to keep children's bodies in shape while helping to prevent weight gain or muscle weakness.

One of the best activities is water exercises (for all ages), which is ideal when the temperature heats up. There are all types of community pools, rehabilitation centers, and gyms that have pools along with classes for those who have limited mobility. Other fun activities include going to outdoor markets, visiting a theme park or outdoor events. 

Adult and Senior Activities 


An adaptive bike is probably one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors without strenuous activities. Instead of playing sports, you can attend sporting events like baseball, soccer, and tennis matches or whatever happens to be playing in your area during the summer.

Gardening combines both the physical side of exercise while providing hours of enjoyment to those who participate, not only for the physical benefits that gardening offers but also for the sheer pleasure and fun of growing and tending to beautiful flowers and plants. Best of all, it's all done in the fresh outdoors.

Walking is another activity that helps to stimulate the senses while providing many health benefits to those who participate. You can do this with a partner, a grandparent, or even by yourself and still gain hours of exercise enjoyment from the activity. You'll also get to know your neighborhood, neighbors, and the areas you walk in. If you get one of the smartwatches that measure your calories burned and distanced traveled, you'll have a pretty accurate picture of how much you've accomplished in a single day.  

For those who have never tried fishing, it's a fun, relaxing activity that will provide hours of enjoyment. Whether or not you end up catching any fish is irrelevant, it's being outdoors and trying something new that may turn into a new favorite pastime that matters.

Reading is another activity enjoyed by people of all ages. It's especially enjoyable to find a cool place outdoors to read and relax and be sure to make time each day to enjoy a good book or to read one to a child or grandchild.

The bottom line - there is a multitude of activities available to try, for moms, kids, grandparents and people of all ages. Explore them all, and pick the ones your family will enjoy the most and keep doing them. You'll never be at a loss for things to do!

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