16 August 2019

Earn Money from Home Referring Hotels with takeabed

Have you ever been asked by friends or family which hotel they should stay at while traveling?  Chances are you've been asked this before and now there's a way to make money recommending hotels to friends, family, and your social media followers!  This is all made possible through an app called takeabed available for OS and Android.  takeabed gives you the power of a travel agent right in your pocket.  

When you join takeabed you get access to hotel wholesale pricing which is not publicly advertised.  The wholesale rates you get access to through takeabed almost always beat out any prices you will find through a big booking site.  So not only can you recommend an amazing hotel to friends and family, you can get them a great deal on a room as well!  With takeabed, you get 10% commission on each booking you refer and there's never any fees to join or receive your commission.  You also don't have to worry about fulfilling a minimum quota or meeting a cash out threshold.

You can also take advantage of takeabed PLUS which offers you the ability to earn 30% commission on referrals, as well as the option to decrease or increase the amount of commission you make depending on how big of a savings you want to pass on to your friends, family, and followers.  takeabed PLUS does require a monthly or annual fee.  If this sounds like something you're interested in you can try takeabed PLUS for free using the promo code Agent10 (no credit card required!).

Check out the following video...

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