14 August 2019

Support Female Empowerment - Shop Fiercely Fem

Feminism is for everyone - not just women, and that's the message the creator of Fiercely Fem wants to spread!  The idea of Fiercely Fem started with one women's upbringing by a strong female role model, her mother.  Seeing how hard her mother worked and encouraged her to achieve her dreams, she did just that, excelling in art and STEM.  Once she had a daughter of her own she gained a deeper understanding of just how important female empowerment is.  Her shop, Fiercely Fem is designed with smart, strong women in mind and those that support them.  

Fiercely Fem features clothing, accessories, art prints, men's items, and home decor.  Pictured above is the Wink Women's Tee and the I Am Tote Bag.  All of the items in the Fiercely Fem shop are beautifully crafted and are designed to fit your budget.  Not only would these items make great pieces to add to your collection, these items would also make excellent gifts for friends and family!  

In addition to beautiful canvas prints like the above pictured Dreamer to Visionary, you can also request a custom commissioned painting from the founder of Fiercely Fem.  You can check out her personal art gallery on the site.  You can definitely tell that the owner is passionate with her creations and there's a little something for everyone at Fiercely Fem.  I encourage you to check out the site today and shop female empowerment!

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