12 September 2019

New Book by Celebrity Beauty Doctor Anna Guanche, MD

Introducing the new book by celebrity beauty doctor Anna D. Guanche, MD called Seven Days to Sexy!  Now you can learn all the insider celebrity secrets from Dr. Guanche from how celebs look so stunning on the red carpet, to how they stay looking so young.  Known in Hollywood as Dr. Beauty, Dr. Guanche is a top dermatologist who is known for combining the latest science with her insider knowledge of the industry.

In the book Seven Days to Sexy, Dr. Guanche will show you how to give yourself an amazing makeover in just one week!  Her expertise has been featured on hit shows such as The Doctors, Extra, and Entertainment Tonight.  She has also been featured in top magazines Elle, Glamour, Prevention, Shape, and SELF.  

You can purchase Seven Days to Sexy on Amazon, and if you have Kindle Unlimited, this book is free to read right now!  Head on over and check out her book to see what insider beauty secrets you can apply to your life!

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