09 October 2019

Fun Sock Ideas for the Young at Heart Mommy

As the weather turns colder, it’s time to don more comfortable and cozy socks. Tights and leggings are OK, but why not make your fall and winter outfits more exciting and comfortable with thigh high socks or fuzzy socks?
Socks are inexpensive choices for complementing your outfit and bringing a bit of excitement to what could otherwise be a drab ensemble. You can buy a range of socks in different styles and colors and they’ll keep you looking great and warm till spring comes rolling around again.
Are you ready to make sure that your outfit matches your thigh highs and/or your favorite microfiber fuzzy socks? Here are some combinations that will make your outfit feel natural and warm enough to get you through the upcoming seasons. 

Outfits for Thigh High Socks


In summer, you want to wear something that you can pair with colorful and pretty thigh highs to show off your color in the sun. 
The first option is jean skirts, which have come into fashion recently. Denim matches with everything, so why not match them with your thigh highs? 
If you have black thigh highs, get a black skirt to coordinate with them. It’s a simple, understated look that shows off your legs and brings a touch of glamor to a campus or workplace look. A longer skirt that flows in the wind and makes you feel open and free is perfect for matching thigh highs. 
The next idea is to pair your thigh high socks with a huge, comfortable, slouchy cardigan. This keeps you warm but that doesn’t mean that it will stop your legs from being exposed. It can be a cute look. Another recent fashion trend is the t-shirt dress that somewhat mimics a large and comfy cardigan. 
A seemingly obvious but sometimes forgotten plan is to wear thigh highs with your pajamas. That’s basically what they’re meant for so why not get the most out of them and stay comfy in your baggy clothes around the house and while you’re sleeping? 

Outfits for Microfiber Fuzzy Socks


Now onto the other, often more comfortable pair of socks. These are the microfiber fuzzy socks that you fall in love with, not because of the style, but because they feel great to wear. These socks are the definition of comfy. 
Microfiber fuzzy socks don’t match with everything, but when you find an outfit that fits these, you will rejoice in knowing that you can stay extremely comfortable while strolling through your day. 
These socks work best with a winter outfit. They’re usually used in an outfit you wear around the house, but longer fuzzy socks can be part of a festive, winter look. You want to keep your feet warm, so naturally you want to wear the thickest socks to keep the cold breeze off of your ankles and feet. They pair perfectly with a cardigan. 

Getting Your Sock Game Right


Now, let’s get more general about stylizing your sock choices. If you’re wearing your socks out and about, it’s important to make sure patterns do not clash with each other. As a basic rule, if your outfit has a complex pattern your socks should have a simple pattern. If your outfit is plain, you can optionally choose a pair of textured socks that add a bit of interest to the ensemble. 
When making a sock choice, you usually want to make sure that they fit seamlessly with the rest of your outfit, because socks are usually an accompaniment rather than the centerpiece of your outfit.  
Stay inside of the same color range as the rest of your outfit, although you might want to throw some darker colors on to bring out the brighter and more vibrant colors inside of your outfit.  
The socks listed above are not the most conventional types, as usually, you want to use no-shows or just plain normal socks that give you confidence in your outfit. 

Express Yourself


If you truly want your socks to be a conversation piece, keep the rest of your outfit simple, or risk looking like you’ve tried to do too much.
Many people enjoy wearing humorous socks or socks that match their personalities and hobbies. These show a lot of character and can be worked into an outfit if you match the colors correctly. A lot of the time, the socks don’t even stick out, so you can add a bit of interest to your look with more expressive socks. 
Clothing is all about self-expression, not about fitting in with the crowd by following the herd. Do what feels best for you and don’t regret it. Flaunt it!

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