27 November 2019

Introducing Ordonne Cosmetic Signature 2-Step Care Ampoule And Mask

K-Beauty continues to be one of the most popular anti-aging skincare and beauty solutions. With generations of research, out of the box ingredients, and combining the best of nature and science—your options are endless. Testing new products is always fun and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results of the Ordonne Cosmetic Signature Ampoule & Mask. Here’s what you need to know.

Ordonne Cosmetic Signature Ampoule & Mask

Sheet masks aren’t something new but the Ordonne mask is a 2-step care ampoule and mask. It comes in a set of 8 that you can use 1 to 3 days a week for ultra-hydration, proactive anti-aging, and both proactive and reactive anti-wrinkle and fine lines. You begin by patting the ampoule essence into your skin. Patting is key as it increases deep skin penetration. Layer the sheet mask on top, then sit back and relax for the next 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the mask and tap your skin with your fingertips to absorb the remaining essence and serum. 

Paraben-Free With 14 Natural Extracts

This signature 2-step beauty solution is made with a proprietary blend of skin-healthy ingredients. The ingredients are selected for both their individual properties and how they work together. This includes natural extracts from aloe vera leaf, avocado, pearl extract, pomegranate, mate leaf, and lotus flower. It has hydrolyzed collagen to tighten and firm, niacinamide to brighten dull skin, and Vitamin B to clear uneven skin tone. The mask is designed to be gentle which is why it is:

·         Paraben-free
·         Phenoxy-free
·         Ethanol-free
·         Has no artificial colors

Powerful Anti-Wrinkle Adenosin

Adenosin is a powerful anti-wrinkle ingredient that gives Ordonne an edge above other sheet masks and beauty serums. Just like collagen, adenosine is naturally present in our bodies. Although naturally occurring, it can decrease as we age. By applying adenosin topically it penetrates your skin, working at the cellular level to increase the production of healthy new cells. Adenosin minimizes the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles. It also soothes inflammation and repairs UV and environmental damage. However, it is not designed to be applied to irritated skin, blemishes, or open wounds.

Why A Layered Approach Works

A key concept behind K-Beauty is to create a multi-step am and pm beauty routine. Cleansing is always the first step, and depending on your skin type, season, and beauty goals you may have 4 to 10 more steps. These steps take time, but with the 2-step care ampoule and mask for hydration and anti-aging you can simplify your layered approach. Apply your mask in the evening, after cleansing your face. For best results exfoliate and tone first. Apply at least an hour before bedtime to allow the serum to penetrate fully, or simply sleep on your back. Sleeping on a beauty pillowcase is another anti-wrinkle secret as it will minimize pulling on your skin while sleeping on your side or stomach and is made from materials that won’t absorb the moisture from your face and hair. 

When To Start Using Anti-Wrinkle Beauty Treatments

It is never too late to start using an anti-wrinkle beauty treatment, so the question is how soon should you start using Ordonne Cosmetic Signature 2-Step Ampoule & Mask? Anyone of any age can use this system the night before a special event or day that you need to look your best. You will wake in the morning with the sought-after K-Beauty glow!

Teens & Early 20s—anyone in their teens or early 20s can use the mask as part of an at-home spa day, either solo or with friends and family. It provides deep skin penetration and ultra-hydration. It will brighten and refresh your skin at any age.

Mid to Late 20s—your mid to late 20s are when you want to commit to a more frequent anti-wrinkle routine. While you don’t have fine lines or wrinkles yet a proactive approach is key to keeping things that way for as long as possible. The Ordonne system is ideal because it is delivers intense hydration and cellular regrowth. One or two times a week is a perfect place to start.

30s And 40s—your 30s and 40s are the time to transition to 3 anti-aging masks per week. Consistency is key as fine lines and wrinkles aren’t your only concern, but also dull skin, dry skin, and uneven skin. All 3 of these beauty concerns are addressed in this paraben-free, phenoxy-free, and ethanol-free system.

50 and Older—aging with grace is your primary beauty goal. Even if deep wrinkles have set in the collagen and adenosin in this mask will slow down the rate of further aging, and reverse some of your current damage. To kickstart things you may want to do the mask daily for one or two weeks, then scale back to 3 or 4 times a week. Your skin will glow the morning after your first application, and the anti-aging benefits can be seen after a month of consistent use.

If you want a youthful glow, are in need of deep hydration, or want to take a proactive or reactive approach to aging—the Ordonne Cosmetic Signature 2-Step Ampoule & Mask has you covered!

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