12 November 2019

Weighted Blankets for Kids

By now you have probably heard about weighted blankets and how they can help provide calming relief and deeper sleep.  Weighted blankets work by providing a deep pressure stimulation that actually helps release the chemical serotonin in the brain, creating a sense of happiness and calmness for the user.  For kids, weighted blankets can help provide not only a quality and deeper sleep, they also help to relieve symptoms surrounding anxiety, stress, ADHD, and sensory disorders.

Healing Naps is the provider of quality weighted blankets for kids.  Designed by a mother on a mission to support better sleep for all children, their weighted blankets are made with your child in mind.  They are hypoallergenic and crafted from 100% bamboo.  Using double layer technology, weight is evenly distributed and the double reinforced quality stitching ensures that the glass beads will never leak.  When searching for a weighted blanket for children you want to use the ratio of 10% of their body weight, or for a child weighing 40-70 lbs, a 5lb weighted blanket is recommended.

Healing Naps provides the perfect weighted blanket bedding set for your child.  It comes with a 5lb hypoallergenic cooling bamboo blanket, a reversible gender neutral duvet cover, and a light blocking sleep eye mask.  This set from Healing Naps would also make the perfect birthday or holiday gift for the kids on your list!  You can order this premium sleep set from the Healing Naps website today and start your child on the journey to better sleep and well-being.

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