02 January 2020

Step Into the New Year with a New Mindset - Inner Pwr

If your New Year's resolution is to grow as an individual, change your mindset, or generally improve yourself as a whole; you need to check out Inner Pwr!  Created by Emma Guilmet, Inner Pwr is an inspiring platform that helps women shift their mindset from one of lack to one of growth. She offers tools, inspiration, and direction to help women everywhere make the changes they need to live their best life!  

Emma Guilmet is an accredited life coach, speaker, and author.  Emma created Inner Pwr after feeling unhappy, lost, and at rock bottom herself.  Realizing that she needed to rebuild herself from the ground up, Inner Pwr became her inspiration to share her journey with other women.

Inner Pwr is all about having a growth mindset.  First we must realize that we all have room to grow and change, and that put those thoughts into action.  You'll want to check out the Inner Pwr online community on Instagram and Facebook where you can chat with Emma and others who are on their paths to growth.  This community is an excellent resource for support, motivation, and inspiration!  Also, be sure to keep an eye out as we head into this new year because the Inner Pwr website will be launching some great content soon.  So head on over to the Inner Pwr communities on Facebook and Instagram and get started with your new you in 2020!

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