19 August 2020

Best Cat Litter Scoop - The Litter-Lifter

I know what you might be thinking, "Aren't all cat litter scoops basically the same?".  Truth be told the answer is no they are not!  Introducing the Litter-Lifter!  The Litter-Lifter is the best cat litter scoop designed to provide an easier litter scooping process.  

What sets the Litter-Lifter apart from other kitty litter scoops is its peaked blades which prevents litter from getting caught as is often does in similar products with flat tines.  The tines on the Litter-Lifter are spaced out just right to avoid buildup, while still allowing small particles that need to be scooped out to become trapped for disposal.

Its large scoop also means less trips sifting through the litter.  What's better than getting the job done in only a fraction of the time?  The Litter-Lifter is made from sturdy plastic and features a hole at the top for easy hanging and storage.  Select from a fun array of colors and truly experience easier and improved litter cleaning!

You can find the Litter-Lifter for sale on Amazon!

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