01 September 2020

Five Things You Didn't Know About Butcher Paper

 We're living a Golden Era for food. It all started with the Craft Revolution ignited with the birth of the new century. Craft beer, artisan bakeries, craft butchers, homemade soap, and whatnot.

The idea of well-made, artisan foods and products that contrasted greatly with the industrial production and mass marketing that infused the 20th century really took off. 

At the heart of this socially responsible and environmental-friendly movement, there's butcher paper. A humble and subtle alternative for one-use plastics, toxic foil, and disposable dishware. Here are five things you didn't know about butcher paper. 

1. Butcher paper and Kraft paper are not entirely the same

Butcher paper and Kraft paper share many similarities, they're both made with similar wood fiber, and more often than not, people differentiate them for their color.

Kraft paper is often brown, and butcher paper whitish. Well, that's not always the case. Actually, you can find both types of papers in a wide range of colors. It's not the color that differentiates the two friendly papers, but they're use. Pink Butcher paper is common as well, and is highly recognized for wrapping meat and barbecue process.

Butcher paper has a food-grade use, and it’s often certified by the FDA. The paper not only withstands moisture but protects food from any harmful chemicals or additives found in other papers and containers.

2. Butcher paper is more than meat

There's nothing like buying freshly trimmed meat from a local butcher; your meat tightly packed in butcher paper like an authentic bundle of goodness. There's no doubt the best butchers in the world prefer butcher paper for delivering their goods, but there are plenty of other uses for the charming paper.

Fast food vendors are switching to butcher paper and getting rid of disposable foam plates and plastic bags. From sandwiches and burgers to hot dogs and pizza slices, butcher paper is friendlier with the environment and keeps the food safe.

Barbecued and smoked meat is also undeniably better when served in butcher paper.

3. Butcher paper has many uses

We're also living an ‘arts and crafts’ revival. Homemade products, from candles and soaps to finger painting to gift wraps, are enhanced with butcher paper. It's not only rustic and pretty, but it also inspires an eco-friendly feel and an artisan spirit. 

As consumers, we are getting used to differentiating between industrialized, mass-produced stuff, with their shiny plastic wrappers and artisan products made with love, often wrapped in butcher paper. 

Butcher paper has transcended the realm of food and is now a synonym for creativity, craftsmanship, and high-value products.

4. Butcher paper is eco-friendly

Butcher paper is recyclable and 100% compostable. Its production doesn't rely on chemicals like bleach (that's why it's not pearly white.) It has a much lower carbon footprint than plastic wraps, styrofoam trays, plastic bags, foil and even other papers like waxed paper. 

Strict controls over wood sourcing for making paper are changing a once worrying industry, aiming towards sustainability. Despite the downsides, butcher paper is a thousand times friendlier for the environment than any other alternative. 

5. Butcher paper can make a brand

We all love butcher paper; it's heartwarming, rustic, and friendly. We tend to like anything served or wrapped in butcher paper too. Not only is the paper an eco-friendly and safe way of serving and delivering food, but it now also brings to the table added value. 

Marketing-wise, butcher paper adds value to your brand. It's not just mirrors and smoke; using the paper to package, serve and deliver your goods shows you care for your customers' health and the environment — both fundamental values to thrive in the 21st century. 

Join the revolution!

Butcher paper is just fun to handle; it represents everything good in the world. Whether you serve pita wraps or burritos, prime baby back ribs, or handmade wallets, butcher paper adds value, and for its low price, you can't deny it's a great value.

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