14 October 2020

How to Know if Your Child Needs Braces



Your child's smile is precious.  Every parent wants to ensure their child receives proper dental care to keep their smile healthy.  Knowing when it might be time for your child to see an orthodontist can be confusing.  While your child's dentist may recommend a referral to an orthodontist, as a parent you can always schedule a visit as well if you have any concerns.  If you already have an inclination that your child may need braces in the near future this would be a wise appointment to make.  Some parents may not be sure if a visit to the orthodontist is appropriate.  The following are some ways how to tell if your child may need braces.


While some are more obvious signs, such as teeth that are misaligned or the presence of an overbite, some signs may not be as clear. There are some early signs to look for that indicate your child may need braces.  If your child lost their baby teeth too early or later than usual, this is a sign that braces may be needed.  Additional signs include thumb sucking, primarily breathing through the mouth, and noises coming from the jaw when chewing or biting food.  If you notice any of these signs with your child you may want to consult your dentist to see if a children's orthodontist visit may be appropriate.


While around the age of 7 is when most dentists will make an orthodontic recommendation, the actual age where braces will come into play is more around 9-13 years of age.  Early intervention is crucial to start forming a plan early for what orthodontic treatment will look like for your child.  Protect your child's precious smile by ensuring your child is getting their regular dental visits and cleanings on time as well.  Usually this includes an exam and cleaning every six months.  Stay on track and ensure overall excellent dental health!





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