02 October 2020

Tips To Develop Your Child’s Self-esteem


The best gift your child can receive from you is the knowledge of how to have a positive self-esteem. Your child could develop as a happy, productive person only when his/her self-esteem is high.

Let us first look at the definition of self-esteem first. Self-esteem is how much your kid values himself/herself and knows his/her importance in the world. To thrive, your kid should trust his/her own capabilities and know that he/she can handle it if they are unsuccessful in some things.

This article covers some of the most effective ways to develop your child’s self-esteem.

Be a role model

Your child is learning skills since birth at a dizzying rate. And, a high self-esteem would be one of the many required skills as soon as he/she turns to adulthood. But, he/she can learn this from the very start if you model confidence even if you are not feeling it! It could limit his/her low self-esteem when he/she sees you tackle new tasks with an optimistic approach.

Tip - You should avoid pretending that you are perfect.


Accept his/her failures

You are the only one person from whom your child can expect to be judged by his/her failures. Also, you are the only person who can allow him/her to take some risks. For example, let’s say your child is 8 years old and wants to try climbing a small tree. You have to let him do it even if it sounds scary. Of course, ensure the height is such that he/she won’t be hurt after falling. These smaller risks in childhood would help in improving self-esteem of your kid by letting him/her learn to face failures in the future. Also, it is important not to push him/her towards a task very forcefully.

Tip -You should avoid criticizing his/her failures even if they have failed at any simple task for several times. Patience is the key!


Give him choices

It is a good way to develop your child’s self-esteem by giving him/her choices within an appropriate set of options that are pre-selected by you. For example, you can give him/her options to have pancakes or eggs at breakfast. These small choices would train him/her for much harder choices in the future. Check thehappinesscoach.com to learn more about self-esteem.

Tip -Preplan the choices you are going to offer him/her.


Don’t praise him insincerely

If you are looking forward to improving self-esteem of your child, then you must learn to never carelessly compliment him/her. For example, if you liked the drawing of your child then you can praise some details of his work instead of showing over-enthusiasm at the mere fact that he/she drew something.

Tip -Be specific in your compliments for building his/her self-esteem.


Assign household chores

You can effectively develop your child’s self-esteem by assigning him/her household chores. It would boost his/her problem-solving skills and increase the feeling of competency.

Tip -Make sure to assign age-appropriate chores only.


Final words

High self-esteem is one of the most important skills to stay psychologically strong. And, you can take small steps to develop your child’s self-esteem slowly as soon as he/she starts to understand the words. However, this task of building self-esteem in your child could be a demanding task. Hence, you need to be creative with the ideas that could resolve the low self-esteem problem in your child. After all, a healthy self-esteem is one of the key characteristics of healthy child development.





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