12 November 2020

Bodifresh - Toilet Paper Foam



Whether you prefer toilet paper, wet wipes, or a combination of both; Bodifresh is revolutionizing how you go!  Bodifresh is a new way to clean when you use the restroom through innovative cleansing foam.  We all know that toilet paper can leave behind residue and wet wipes can be harsh on your toilets and septic system.  Bodifresh Toilet Tissue Moisturizer requires only a pump or two on your selected amount of toilet paper.  It combines the cleaning of toilet paper and a wet wipe in one!


Bodifresh was invented by a registered nurse who understands the importance of cleanliness and safety.  The cleansing foam was designed to be family friendly, cost effective, and safe for the environment.  Bodifresh is all natural, completely flushable, versatile with any brand of toilet paper, and each bottle delivers over 120 uses.


Bodifresh Toilet Tissue Moisturizer also makes a great baby wipe alternative!  The average family uses around 3,000 baby wipes by the time their child reaches 3 years old.  Several baby wipe manufacturers use harsh chemicals that can be irritating to baby's skin.  Bodifresh is made without harsh dyes, ingredients, parabans, or alcohol.  This foam contains natural ingredients such as aloe, Vitamin E, and tea tree oil.  Bodifresh is also never tested on animals. 


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