08 July 2011

Fun Summer Craft Project: Pillowcase Dresses

A couple months ago I came across a craft article on how to make pillowcase dresses.  I thought it was such a cute idea, as well as a simple enough project that even the most sewing challenged like myself, could grasp the pattern!  These dresses are just adorable and they are perfect for the warm summer months.  I finally decided this weekend to try my hand at making some for my own girls!

Pillowcase Dresses

                       *Here's an example of a finished pillowcase dress

I also found out that there is a charity out there that accepts handmade pillowcase dresses for girls in Africa.  The group I am speaking of is called Little Dresses For Africa.  These dresses are distributed to girls in orphanages, churches, and schools in Africa that are in need.  It's such a worthwhile charity for those who love to craft for a good cause!

Here is a link to the simple pillowcase dress pattern from the Little Dresses For Africa website!  Click HERE!


  1. Pillowcase dresses are so adorable! Good luck!

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  4. such a cute idea!

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  9. The dress is so adorable!
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  13. Hi, I'm stopping in at blogs of people who are a) stunning sewers and b) have good hearts. Girls in Africa stay out of school on the average of 9 weeks because of menstruation (lack of supplies, etc.) There is a need for cloth menstrual pads and many organizations who will send them. Here's a list of sites with patterns and organizations that will send them: http://tinyurl.com/3tlhdcc
    Thanks for letting me stop in.