26 October 2011

Halloween Slumber Party!

This weekend my daughter is having a Halloween themed slumber party!  I'm pretty excited about it, mainly because it gives me an excuse to make yummy treats.  I've gathered some Halloween themed recipe ideas and I wanted to share them, in case you see something you want to make for the upcoming spooky holiday!  We're planning on renting some movies and my daughter wants to do the whole makeover thing with her friends.  I'm sure they'll have a blast!  So here's what I have planned so far for my spooky menu:

Spider Eggs
Photo Credit: Sunset

 Mummy Dogs
Photo Credit: Divine Dinner Party

Halloween Rice Krispie Treats {using Reese's Pieces}
Photo Credit: Liv Life

I also plan to whip up some cupcakes with Halloween colored sprinkles and I'm still searching for one more kid appealing spooky dish for dinner to go with the Mummy Dogs.  Anyone have any spooky dishes to share?

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