29 February 2012

80Bites Weight Loss Program Review Week 1

I'm happy to announce that I am trying a new approach to weight loss.  It's the 80Bites program!  The 80Bites program is a whole new take on dieting and a close look at how much we are eating.  Thanks to the wonderful folks at 80Bites I am getting to review their full length program, which consists of 12 weeks.

The first thing about this program that I find fantastic, is that it's not overwhelming!  The information is gradually unlocked each week you progress through the program.  This makes it so much easier to digest everything you need to know for that particular week.  This first week was a focus on how many bites you actually take in one day.  You can manage this by either downloading their handy 80Bites counter for your smartphone through the iPhone app store or Android market, or by simply finding a good counting system that works for you.  Below is a picture of what the counter looks like!

The 80Bites program focuses on four important themes: Quantity, Frequency, Quality, and Balance. 

So for week 1 the goal is to monitor your bites.  I found that my average number of bites for the day ring in between 100-110.  This feels promising to me, as it's not that far off from my end goal of 80 bites!  The whole concept really does make sense.  Monitoring how much we eat helps us to end overeating, which in turns starts to shrink the stomach.  I've just begun week 2, so stay on the lookout for the review for that next week!

If you are interested in joining me in the 80Bites diet you can find out more information here.  The full 12 week program is available for $49.99.

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* Disclosure:  This post is chronicling my journey through the 80Bites program which was provided at no cost to me in exchange for my honest weekly review and opinions.  All opinions in this review are 100% my own and are not a result of any outside influence.

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