13 September 2012

Create An Edible Landscape With Miracle-Gro!

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Did you know that Fall can actually be a great time to plant some edible goodies for your kitchen?  Based on your region, Miracle-Gro can show you the perfect edibles, flowers, shrubs, and more for  Fall gardening.  Being that I'm on the West Coast, the Miracle-Gro website showed me a great way to create an edible landscape by planting beautifully colored leafy lettuces like red salad bowl, lolla rossa and emerald gem.  The colors will pop in your yard and you will be able to include them in your tasty meals as well!

Lettuce, salad blend consisting of crimson butter, red salad bowl, ice berg, bibb, and lolla rossa.  Planted May 20.
Photo Credit:  Burpee.com

Here's a perfect salad made from crimson butter, red salad bowl, ice berg, bibb, and lolla rossa!

Photo Credit:  KalynsKitchen.com

How about making some tasty lettuce wraps with your Fall lettuce bounty?

Find beauty in the Fall  by creating your own edible landscape with Miracle-Gro!  Some products I would recommend for this project are:  Miracle-Gro Garden Soil for Fruits & Vegetables  and  Miracle-Gro LiquaFeed.  I especially like the LiquaFeed because it makes it easy to feed and water your garden all at once!  It features a 4 pattern sprayer and easily attaches to your garden hose.  The Miracle-Gro Garden Soil for Fruits & Vegetables will provide a good solid 3 months of feeding, so don't forget to pick some up!

Head on over to the Miracle-Gro Facebook page  to find more gardening tips and tricks, especially for fall.  Don't forget to like their page while you're there!



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