12 September 2012

Fall Allergy Tips

Fall is just around the corner!  The changing colors of the leaves and the cool crisp air are about to roll in.  If you suffer from fall allergies you may also have noted this on your list of upcoming changes with the season.  The good thing is that you can manage your fall allergies efficiently with these handy tips!

1)  Make sure to keep wet piles of leaves clear around your home, as this is the perfect breeding ground for leaf mold which can be a big trigger for those with fall allergies.

2)  Other areas that are breeding grounds for mold in the fall are garages, basements, and barns.  During the fall you may opt to avoid these areas as much as possible to prevent annoying allergies.

3)  Whenever possible, avoid early morning pollen in the fall.  This is the time of the day when the pollen count will be at it's peak.  

4)  Don't forget about indoor allergies!  This would be a good time to clean/change the filters in your home that have gathered up pollen, mold, and ragweed traces from outside.

5)  Store your firewood outdoors.  Firewood can harbor molds that will trigger allergy sufferers.

6)  If you have indoor/outdoor pets, make sure you are bathing them on a regular basis to remove any allergens that they may bring in the house inside their fur.

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