15 October 2012

25 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Teens

Need some fresh ideas for stocking stuffers for your teen?  While teenagers can be a little harder to shop for, I have some great solutions to surprise them this holiday season.  Below are 50 great ideas for stocking stuffers, all of which can also be used as gift ideas! 

1)  Magazines - Find the latest copy of your teen's favorite magazine, or one you think they would enjoy and buy them a subscription.  Make a cute note to attach on the front of the issue you bought that let's them know they have been gifted a subscription.  Then just roll the magazine up lengthwise and put it in their stocking!

2)  Gift Cards - This one may be a no brainer for stocking stuffer ideas, but teens love gift cards!  You can put one to their favorite department store, restaurant, the movie theater, gas card, etc.

3)  For The Guys - A new wallet or belt are great additions to any guys stocking.

4)  For The Gals - Makeup and beauty products like lotions, nail polishes, etc. are great for the gals.

5)  Perfume/Cologne - Find their favorite scent to make a great stocking stuffer addition.

6)  Beanies/Scarves - Warm winter accessories are always great ideas.

7)  Jewelry - Think earrings, a watch, a necklace, rings, etc.

8)  Key Chains - If your teen is of driving age they may appreciate a new keychain or two!

9)  Book Light - Does your teen love to read?  Maybe a clip on book light is the perfect idea.

10)  Deck of Cards - Here's a simple, yet entertaining gift!

11)  DVD/CD - Place a favorite movie or CD from their favorite band in their stocking.

12)  Snacks - Candy, jerky, trail mix, etc. are all yummy treat additions to a teen's stocking.

13)  Concert Tickets - I don't know a teen who wouldn't appreciate this stocking stuffer!

14)  T-Shirts - Roll up a t-shirt and place it in their stocking.  

15)  Books - If your teen loves to read they may appreciate a new book.

16)  Video Games - Is your teen a gamer?  Then a new video game or two might be perfect!

17)  Hackey Sack - Small but very entertaining!

18)  Ear Phones - As a new replacement or back up pair for their MP3 player.

19)  Hairbrush/Comb - How about a new hairbrush or comb?

20)  Homemade Coupon Book - Make a homemade coupon book redeemable for such thing's as a day's excuse from chores, a special day out with mom or dad, etc.

21)  Journal/Diary - Your teen can write down all their thoughts on a new journal or diary.

22)  School Supplies - Extra pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, etc. are great ideas for students.

23)  Blank CD's - If your teen loves to burn copies of their music mixes you may want to include a pack of re-writable CD's in their stocking.

24)  Travel Kits - Small travel kits like a nail care set or a travel sewing kit can be handy.

25)  Cash - Who doesn't like cash?  Throw some money in a card and place in their stocking.  Then just wait for the smiles!

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