15 October 2012

25 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids

The kids will sure to be delighted this holiday season with some fantastic stocking stuffers.  Below is a list of 25 ideas to get you started!  If you have teens, be sure to check out "25 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Teens".

1)  Books/Bookmarks - Your little reader might enjoy a new book and bookmark.

2)  For Boys:  Small toys like Hot Wheels cars and action figures.

3)  For Girls:  Barbies, small dolls, and play makeup.

4)  Art Supplies:  Paints, Play-Doh, markers, crayons, coloring books.

5)  Winter Gear:  Beanies, scarves, mittens, socks, slippers, etc.

6)  Snacks:  Candy, jerkey, trail mix, box of animal crackers, etc.

7)  Magazines:  Buy your kids' favorite issue, roll it up and put in stocking!

8)  MP3 Player/Headphones:  A new mp3 player or a new set of headphones are a great idea.

9)  Gift Cards:  A perfect gift for any age so they can pick just what they want!

10)  Stickers:  A couple sheets of stickers are a fun stocking stuffer idea.

11)  Glow in the Dark Stars:  These are a hit with a lot of kids.  Glow in the dark stars that go on their bedroom ceiling!

12)  For Girls:  Hair bows, hair clips/headbands, etc., rings, necklaces.

13)  For Boys:  A new watch, belt, wallet.

14)  T-Shirts:  Easily roll up a new t-shirt to put in their stocking.

15)  Video Games:  Got a little gamer in your house?  

16)  DVD's/CD's:  Is there a special CD or DVD your child has their eye on?  

17)  Disposable Camera & Mini Photo Album:  Your child will love the chance to capture their own holiday memories on film.  Include a mini photo album so once the pictures are developed they can have a great keepsake.

18)  New Toothbrush/Hairbrush:  Here's a practical stocking stuffer they will be sure to use!

19)  Comic Books/Word Search Books:  Boys may love some comic books and both boys and girls alike usually enjoy a good word search!

20)  Small Games:  A deck of cards, marbles, jacks, etc.

21)  Temporary Tattoos:  Kids love temporary tattoos!

22)  Bubble Bath/Bathtub Crayons:  If your child loves to take baths then these could be great stocking stuffers.

23)  Glow Sticks:  My girls love these and if you have a dollar store around you can usually find them there.  Great and inexpensive stocking stuffer!

24)  Small Stuffed Animals:  Little ones might enjoy a small stuffed animal or two in their stocking.

25)  School Supplies:  Pens, pencils, highlighters, small notepads, etc.

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