23 October 2012

Save Money By Renting Your College Textbooks

As a college student I know how expensive textbooks can be.  Most books are at least over $100, and in my experience most of the time you get way less than half of what you paid for it trying to sell it back or the school doesn't buy your book back at all!  Last year I rented my textbooks through the school but is was still almost as much as just buying the book.  I have since gotten a lot smarter and I have switched to finding cheaper book rentals online, or by simply renting or buying the eTextbook version.  If I can't find a particular textbook in eTextbook format I try to buy a gently used print copy and then shop around for companies who will buy it back once I am finished with it.  If you search around online you can sometimes get a better deal selling it back to an online book retailer verses your college.  There are plenty of price search comparison websites for textbooks online that make finding the best buy back deal easier.

Perks of Digital Textbooks:

1)  No heavy books to carry around:  Save the strain on your neck and back, plus saves trees!

2)  Handy interactive features:  On screen highlighting and note taking, copy and paste functionality, as well as the ability to search for text and phrases.  Plus, you can print pages anytime if needed!

3)  Same As Print:  eTextbooks are page for page the same as you will find in the print version.


One website I have found with great prices for eTextbook rentals is CourseSmart.  You can get up to 60% off of what you would pay for the print version!  With CourseSmart, your eTextbook rentals come in a handy format that allows you to highlight and take notes, copy and paste text, print pages and more.  Their eTextbooks are compatible with Android devices, iPad, iPhone, and the iPod Touch. 


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