22 October 2012

Scholastic Kids Reading App "Storia" - Free Download + Free Books!

Are you looking for some safe and engaging reading games for kids?  Well I have a great one to tell you about today! Storia, the new reading app for children by Scholastic combines learning and fun!  This interactive app packs a punch with plenty of activities to keep your little one busy including learning activities, read-to-me books, a handy dictionary, highlighter and note takers, personalized book shelves, and more.  Parents can feel safe that their children are using an app by Scholastic, a trusted company when it comes to children's books.  Scholastic Storia wants you to feel confident that your child's reading is progressing as it should with their new app, so parents are able to create private settings in Storia so you can personally monitor your child's reading achievements along the way!

From little ones to teens, Storia has over 2,000 titles to choose from!  Pick from vocabulary and comprehension building titles to strengthen their reading skills.  Right now you can download Storia for FREE to your PC, iPad, or Android powered devices, plus get your first 5 ebook downloads FREE!  Click here to get started with your FREE download.

Storia has been getting rave reviews and attention by being nominated one of the "Top 10 Best High Tech Products of 2012" by Dr. Toy, and has been greatly praised in the New York Times and School Library Journal.

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