19 October 2012

Tail Towns Friends Game Review

Tail Towns Friends is a new Facebook game where you explore Tail Towns with fun characters that have their own unique storyline and goals.  When you first enter Tail Towns and start the game you are met with a challenge.  You are recruited to help out gathering fruit at Iris' Orchard for your friend so he can bake at his restaurant.  Iris nicknames you "Country", and then with her help you start harvesting fruit for your friend and maintaining the orchard so that you can keep achieving goals throughout your characters storyline.

You also have the ability to unlock more characters of Tail Towns by purchasing a figurine that comes with a unique code that you enter through the game.  Once you unlock a new character you get to follow another new storyline and also have access to that character's unique game goals.  You can follow the link in the game to purchase these Tail Town figurines/codes online or you can find them at stores through their store locator here.

Thanks to Ganz, the maker of Tail Towns game and figurines, I was sent a Tail Towns figurine to review the game and unlock my new character's storyline and goals!  The character I received is "Night on the Town".  You can see my screenshot above where my character is highlighted, as well as the other characters available.  Each figurine comes beautifully hand painted and with their own unique code.

I found Tail Towns to be a really fun social game!  I enjoyed the challenge of completing goals and I also liked that once I unlocked my new figurine's code, I was able to unlock a whole new storyline with more goals!  So far in the game I am having the most fun cleaning up and decorating the orchard.  The game's store has so many great items you can buy with your coins in game to jazz up your orchard!  Right now with Halloween fast approaching, there are many great themed items available to purchase and add a spooky feel to your land!  This is one game that I will continue to play and I am already looking at purchasing some additional figurines.  I would encourage my readers to give this game a try and see how much fun it is!

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*Disclosure:  I was provided a product from the above named company, in partnership with Child's Play Communications in exchange for my honest review of the game.  All opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and are not a result of any outside influence.

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