26 November 2012

Explore A Criminal Justice Degree

"Are you thinking of exploring a degree in criminal justice? Earning your criminal justice degree here can yield a variety of career options. Positions can range from law enforcement, FBI, forensics, and more. If you have good communication and people skills, a career in criminal justice could be just the right path for you!"

Most positions in the field of criminal justice are going to require some college coursework.  Police officers and correctional officers most often require at least an Associate's degree.  Correctional officers work as guards in prisons, jails, etc.  Police officers are in charge of keeping our everyday citizens and property safe.

If you are thinking about becoming a probation officer, a Bachelors degree is what you would need to pursue.  In this position you would be in charge of clients that are on probation and you would work with them to make sure they are following their court mandated probation rules, make recommendations on your clients to the court, as well as be in charge of any pre and post trial investigations.

If forensics are your cup of tea, then you may want to venture down the path to becoming a forensic scientist.  Becoming a forensic scientist means at least an education requirement of a criminal justice masters degree program.  Forensic scientists can choose to go on working a career in general forensics, or they may wish to choose a specific area to work in such as dental work, pathology, toxicology, etc.  A college background in math, chemistry, and biology is a good choice when entering into this field.

It is a good idea to explore what your state's education requirements are for any career you are going to pursue.  Some states may vary with their requirements so it is a good idea to check!  This will also give you a good insight into what salary ranges you can expect upon entering a career in your area in the field of criminal justice.

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