26 November 2012

Guest Post: The New Bedroom Decor Trends to Try This Winter

With the days getting shorter and the nights drawing in, it's time to ensure that your home is the perfect warm and relaxing escape from the oncoming winter. Take your inspiration from autumn and winter colors and use contrasting textures to give the room depth and interest. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or something a little cozier, it is easy to update your bedroom with the latest trends.

Continental influence

Give your bedroom an indulgent French feel with a classic, cream colored metal bedstead. Use rich tones of berry and red with textures of silk and velvet for added luxury. Layer silk sheets, quilts and velvet throws for a cozy feel, using plenty of soft pillows. Deep carpets or rugs will add to the luxurious feel. Pretty patterned wallpaper in matching red tones will add interest to the walls and French style furnishings, such as a cream bedside table and drawers, will complete the look.
Alternatively, you can use French styling to create a minimalist look. Cream or whitewashed walls and a wooden floor will make the room fresh and airy. With your bedding, use tones of blues, whites and greys with a mixture of patterns and plains. For texture use soft cotton and warm woolen blankets. You can use contemporary furnishings for a clean modern look or go for shabby chic with one or two up cycled or antique pieces of furniture as a statement look.

Country cottage

Create an English country cottage look with a dark wooden bed frame and furnishings. Bright floral patterns used on the wallpaper, cushions and bedding will add contrast to the dark wood and brighten the room. Soften the look with a soft fabric headboard and rugs on the floor. A large quilt or duvet with lots of pillows creates a cozy escape. Get a slightly larger duvet than you need. For example, if you have a small double mattress, use a large double duvet for extra coziness. You can either use patterns in the fabric or keep them crisp and white for a bright feel. Freshly cut flowers in a simple vase will add a touch of country charm.

Using color

Rich dark tones will add a feeling of luxury to a bedroom. Use this season's trends of plum and aubergine to create a warm and welcoming space. Mix up textures such as cotton, silk and suede for luxurious bedding. Painting the walls with the same plum colors will add a touch of opulence. If the room is small or does not get much light you could try painting just one wall behind the bed to create a centerpiece for the room and leave the rest of the walls a neutral tone such as cream or white.
For a brighter, more vibrant bedroom, use the summer's must have colors of terracotta or orange in your color scheme. Choose a bedspread with geometric prints for a retro look or use color blocking for something more modern. To avoid looking too bright, either use strong colors on the walls or bedding and keep the rest of the colors neutral. Use modern fabric prints on the walls to add interest and cushions and throws to soften the look. 

This article was contributed by Lloyd, a freelance writer and blogger, who is currently working with Archers Sleep Centre. 

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