25 November 2012

Guest Post: Maintaining Copper Kitchen Sinks

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Copper is one of the most commonly used metals in creating various home fixtures such as copper kitchen sinks, bath tubs, and drains. It is praised for its strength and resistance to corrosion, among other things. But as with any metal, oxidation can be a problem, especially for copper fixtures that are meant to aesthetically enhance a home's interiors.

Oxidation occurs when copper is exposed to air. Over time, the oxidation will affect its patina, turning it deep green or black and ruining the appearance of fixtures. You can minimize oxidation by cleaning copper items and fixtures regularly. Otherwise, the copper fixtures will be too tarnished to restore to their former beauty.

Copper sinks in particular can be saved from the effects of oxidation by:

Rinsing them after every use. Allow running water over the surface to wash away excess soap, dirt or residue. Rinsing after use also prevents buildup of grime. It is also best to leave the water running if you are using acidic foods like vinegar and lemons, as acids can damage the sink's finish.

Washing the sink with mild soap and a nonabrasive sponge. If you plan to use cleaning agents, test the cleaner first on a small patch on the sink to find out if it can effectively clean the surface without destroying the patina. After washing, dry the sink with a soft, clean cloth. •Not trying to repair any scratches or scrapes on the surface. Copper naturally heals itself. If a part gets nicked, it will show up as pale, uneven shine. Over time, the scratch will start to age and attain to a dark, lustrous hue that will blend with the rest of the sink.

Applying a thin coat of wax occasionally. This keeps the sink free from residue that may accumulate on the surface. It also helps prevent scratches and water marks. As with cleaning agents, make sure that the wax you use is safe for copper surfaces.

Preventing oxidation and maintaining copper items is easier with regular cleaning. To know more about hand-crafted copper products, call 1-866-672-3401 or visit CopperKitchenSpecialists.com.

Eman Aristo has been working as an Interior Designer for residential and commercial buildings. Based in Dubai for six years now, he's able to visit his family in New Jersey two times a year. 

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