18 December 2012

10 Tips For Healthy Skin This Winter

No one likes to deal with the effects that the wind and cold weather can have on our skin.  As the seasons change, so should our skincare routine!  Prevent dry and irritated skin this winter with the following 10 tips that will keep your skin healthy and radiant. 

1.  Moisturize - 

Moving into winter moisturizing becomes a must do for our face.  It's best to go with a heavier moisturizer during winter months, but be careful to choose one that is heavier but not clogging.  Look for moisturizers that are heavier but do not clog pores such as avocado oil or almond oil.

2.  Don't forget the sunscreen - 

Just because the sun isn't shining at it's usual peak doesn't mean that you are protected from it's harmful rays.  Keep up the routine of wearing sunscreen during the winter to keep you protected.

3.  Wear appropriate coverings/layers - 

Protecting your skin also involves wearing the appropriate layers and/or coverings.  To keep hands from getting dry and cracked be sure to wear gloves when out during the winter.  Be sure to also wear long sleeves and a scarf while you're at it to protect your skin from getting dry.

4.  Use a humidifier - 

Humidifiers work great in the home to retain moisture in the air that is vital for our skin to stay nourished.

5.  Keep the wet away - 

Getting wet from the rain or snow can mean wet socks and clothes.  Be sure to remove these as soon as you have the opportunity and switch out for dry replacements to prevent irritated skin that may also become cracked.

6.  Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate - 

Keep up your water intake as the weather transitions to colder months.  While hot teas and cocoa are great to enjoy this time of year, water is still important and key to skin health.  Make sure to get the recommended glasses per day to keep skin nourished and radiant.

7.  Take your vitamins - 

Our levels of Vitamin D go down as we head into winter and the sun isn't out nearly as much.  Usually we get a good dose of natural Vitamin D levels from the sun, so moving into winter make sure you are taking a good daily multivitamin or a Vitamin D supplement that will also keep skin looking it's best.

8.  Eat for your skin - 

Eating your daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables are key to keeping skin healthy from the inside out.  Choose those that are high in antioxidants for the best results such as avocado, pineapple, spinach, and broccoli.

9.  Don't forget your lips - 

Always carry a good lip balm or Chapstick with you to keep lips hydrated to prevent cracking and dryness.  Apply throughout the day everyday!

10.  Limit hot baths and showers - 

While it feels great to take a nice hot bath or shower during the colder months, hot water breaks down lipids in our skin causing moisture loss.  Remember this when washing your face as well.  Warm water, not hot is the way to go.  If you're like me and can't part with a nice hot shower or bath, make sure you limit them!

Do you have any great tips for healthy winter skin?  Comment below and share!

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