03 December 2012

Advance Your Career In Nursing With A RN To MSN

For an RN looking to advance their education and career, an RN to MSN may be the perfect route.  An MSN degree can open up many career opportunities for nurses that would like to work in specialized higher paying positions, and also for those interested working in management.  An accelerated RN to MSN program will earn you your degree faster than if you were to get your BSN first and then follow up with your MSN.

Areas of study in a RN to MSN program include:

* Advanced research methods and the application of evidence to nursing practice
* Advanced clinical subjects
* Methods of healthcare improvement through changes in management and strategies in ethical decision  

Career options for those with a MSN (Master of Science in Nursing):

* Nurse Practitioner - While still performing general nursing tasks such as vital signs and taking patient history, a nurse practitioner will also diagnose and treat patients with the help of a doctor, usually working in one specialty area of medicine. 

* Clinical Nurse Specialist - Working a similar role of a nurse practitioner, a clinical nurse specialist will also take on tasks such as researcher, consultant, educator, and administrator in many aspects of healthcare.

* Certified Nurse Anesthetist - A certified nurse anesthetist usually starts off as a nurse working in acute care and then in the nurse anesthetist role performs duties such as preparing patients for surgery, administering anesthesia, and helping out in recovery.

* Certified Nurse Midwife - A certified nurse midwife treats pregnant women and helps deliver babies, as well as provide postpartum care.

Non clinical positions available with a MSN:

* Healthcare Administrator - In a healthcare administrator position your duties will include strategic planning, healthcare policy, quality control, and various other issues related to operations of the facility.

* Nurse Administrator - A nurse administrator does many of the same duties as a healthcare administrator, but on a smaller scale.  In this position you will work with a team of nurses.

* Case Management - If you enjoy working one on one with patients, a career in case management might be perfect for you.  Other duties in this position  may include specialized education with nurses and/or patients.

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