03 December 2012

Obtaining A Masters In Finance Degree

For those looking to advance their education to work in the field of finance and explore a top earning career placement, obtaining a Masters in Finance is a good plan.  A convenient alternative to those wanting to advance their degree in this area while still working, is by choosing an online Masters in Finance program.  For a full time student you can expect to earn your Masters in Finance in two years.  For a part time student, three to four years is average.  A Masters in Finance program will give you a deeper understanding of important financial concepts, models, methods, and theories that you will then go on to apply in a corporate environment in careers such as finance or portfolio managers.  You will also gain a broader knowledge of financial markets, as well as improve on quantitative analysis skills.

For a Masters in Finance degree you will need to possess both strong mathematical skills, as well as strong quantitative analysis skills.  The required courses for this type of program can be intensive, but well worth it in the long run.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for financial managers will have average growth at a projected 8 percent from 2008-2018 (Bureau of Labor Statistics).  In fact, finance degrees earn one of the highest starting salaries for program graduates.  Salaries of course are based on role, but it is not uncommon for a successful financial professional to make over a million dollars per year.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the median salary is $99,330 for US financial managers (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Common courses you can find in a Masters in Finance program curriculum:

* Investment Banking
* International Finance
* Financial Management
* Financial Statement Analysis
* Derivatives and Risk Management
* Financial Modeling
* Advanced Financial Management

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