19 December 2012

How To Keep Your Party Guests Safe

Party Hosting Tips: How to Keep Your Guests Safe

When hosting a party, it’s easy to get caught up in the organization of refreshments, guest lists, invitations and other details. But it’s important to also consider how to keep your guests safe during and after the party. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) put together an excellent guide to planning a safeparty, which can be applied to gatherings of all ages. Here are a few tips that can help keep your party guests safe.

Create a guest list and stick to it. Putting together an exclusive list of guests can help ensure that unexpected partiers don’t stop by. Whether you send out paper or electronic invitations, be clear about whether guests can invite other people to keep the attendance at a manageable number.

Make sure your guests can comfortably fit in the party space. Another thing to keep in mind when creating your guest list is the size of the space where the party will be hosted. Don’t invite more people than can fit in the party area, because overcrowding can create an unsafe environment and potentially a fire hazard. 

Arrange a safe place for your guests to park. If you expect a large turnout, make sure you plan ahead for parking. Whether it’s street parking, a parking lot or a yard, you should make sure the parking is close to the party and well-lit. If one of your guests gets stuck or breaks down in the parking area, try using roadside assistance insurance coverage to remedy the situation. Roadside assistance can be easily added to an existing policy by requesting an insurance quote

Designate “off-limits” areas. Whether you’re at home, in an apartment or a rented party location, there will be places you don’t want your guests to go. Simply closing the door to bedrooms can send a signal that the area is out-of-bounds. You can take further precautions by putting up signs or locking doors to make sure that guests don’t stray into dangerous or poorly lit parts of your party location. 

Have a first aid kit on hand. You hope you never have to use it, but keeping a stocked first aid kit is helpful for minor and serious injuries. Check out the Red Cross website for more information on whatto keep in a first aid kit.

Make sure all guests have a designated driver. Take the initiative to ensure that your guests have designated drivers if they plan to drink alcohol. And if a guest doesn’t feel comfortable driving home after the party, offer to let them stay the night. It’s a good idea to have a plan in place to accommodate more than one guest in the event that they can’t safely drive home.

Using these party hosting tips, as well as the guide outlined by MADD, you’ll be prepared to throw a safe and entertaining event for your friends or family. 

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