05 January 2013

5 Easy Ways To Burn Extra Calories

Are you finding it hard to fit in the extra time needed for exercise?  The following list will give you some calorie burning ideas that you can sneak into your week with ease!  Over time the extra calories will add up and you will hardly even notice that you're getting in some extra exercise!  

Park farther away when you go shopping!

Instead of picking the closest spot you can find to the store's entrance, park a bit farther away and take the opportunity to get some healthy walking in!  If you do this every time you go shopping, the calories burned will really start to add up!

Skip the elevators!

This is one of my favorites and it really gets your heart rate up to burn some extra calories.  Simply skip using elevators and opt for taking the stairs whenever you have the chance.

Take advantage of commercial breaks!

Sneaking in some calories while watching television is easy, just take advantage of commercial breaks!  During commercials you can stand up and do some light stretching to easily burn over 100 calories a day.  

Wash the car!

Instead of taking your car through the car wash you can get some extra calorie burning activity in by washing the car yourself!  You will burn 75 calories in about 20 minutes and you will save some money by doing it yourself.  Score!

Get Cooking!

Skip the fast food and take out, instead cook more of your meals yourself.  By doing so you will not only be more likely to consume way less fat and calories this way, cooking is also another easy way to burn extra calories!

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