18 April 2013

3 Simple Steps for Kids to Tackle Spring Cleaning in Their Bedrooms

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Let's face it; spring cleaning isn't the most enjoyable task for us moms, let alone trying to recruit the kids to pitch in!  I like to get the kids to focus on their bedrooms and getting those in order with some clear organizational ideas for them to follow to guide them along.  Here are three simple steps to help your kids tackle spring cleaning in their rooms!

Step 1:  Start by Making Piles

I have found this method to work well with my girls.  I have them sort everything right from the start into piles such as dirty clothes, clean clothes to be folded, trash items, things to donate, etc.  Trust me when I say this will save time as your child goes along in their cleaning!

Step 2:  Do a Complete Closet and Dresser Overhaul

During spring cleaning, and really a couple times a year a good idea to have your child/teen go through their closet and dresser to see what clothing items they no longer wear or fit into.  The items that are not in suitable condition or beyond repair can be tossed, and the items that are still in great condition can be donated to your local thrift store for the next person to enjoy or your family can organize a yard sale where your child can make some spending money from their used items!

Step 3:  Put on the Finishing Touches

Have your teen or child if they or old enough vacuum their room, dust where necessary and clean any bedroom windows to give their bedroom the last finishing clean touches!  At this point all the piles should be gone and everything should be put away in its proper place.  

* Bonus *

Kids and teens love incentives for doing housework.  You might want to check out Music Magpie because they have a wonderful program where you can trade in those great spring cleaning finds of gently used CD's, DVD's, and Games for cash!  There's a great incentive to get them going!

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