28 April 2013

Keep Your Clothes Looking New, Longer with Woolite Everyday

Woolite introduces it's Woolite Everyday laundry detergent to keep your clothes looking newer, longer.  That's right ladies, Woolite isn't just for your delicates any longer!  You can also pick up their new Woolite Darks laundry detergent to keep your darks looking newer and darker for longer.  Some laundry detergents can leave your clothes looking faded over time, something I've personally had problems with in my own home with our laundry.  There's also the not so fun topic of shrinking and stretching of your favorite clothes.  Woolite is different because it's gentle.  Woolite doesn't use harsh chemicals like some common household detergents.  This eliminates the hassle of fading, stretching, and shrinking woes!

Thanks to Woolite and Crowtap I recently had the opportunity to review Woolite Everyday in my own home.  Over the past couple of weeks I have switched out my regular laundry detergent with Woolite Everyday and have already seen some great results!  The first difference is the scent of my laundry.  Woolite Everyday leaves my laundry smelling clean and fresh, not strong and perfumy, which I love.  Another benefit I have noticed is the stains from the kids' clothes come out easily.  Grass and food stains are eliminated with ease!  I'm going to continue to use Woolite Everyday and I'm excited to see the long term use benefits over time in regards to fading, stretching, and shrinking.  I'm also planning on picking up a bottle of Woolite Darks soon as well to see how well it works to keep our darks looking darker, longer.  So far though, I'm impressed and would recommend you give Woolite Everyday a try!

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*Disclosure:  This post was written on behalf of my partnership with Crowtap.  I received sample products in exchange for my partnership and for this blog post.  All opinions expressed in this blog post are 100% mine and are not a result of any outside influence.

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