01 May 2013

5 Outdoor Projects You Can Do With Your Kids

This time of year is a great chance to get outdoors in the sunshine and have some special bonding time with your children while having fun in the backyard!  Here is a collection of 5 different fun and unique projects I found that your child will be sure to enjoy creating with your help.  I'm thinking of getting the husband and kids involved with number 5.  How cool does that look?  Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments below!

1.  Rain Boot Planters by RosinaHuber.blogspot.com

2.  DIY Birdseed Ornaments by Wihousewifeconfessions.wordpress.com

3.  Painted Garden Signs by OneArtsyMama.com

4.  Egg Carton Garden by CoolProgeny.com

5.  Grow a Living Den or Playhouse by MistyHorizon2003

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